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Reasons and solutions for swine manganese deficiency

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Manganese was treated as an essential trace element for livestock's daily ration in 1913. Though Mn exists in the species widely, it is rare in human body and in animals. We can add feed additive (manganese sulfate) into the fodder to treat swine manganese deficiency.
Manganese deficiency is a kind of nutrition deficiency, which is caused by low content of Mn in fodders. 
Primary manganese deficiency is caused by low content of Mn in vegetable feed, which is the reason for high morbidity. Use maize, barley and soybean as basic rations will also cause manganese deficiency.
The secondary manganese deficiency is caused by high content of calcium, phosphor, iron, cobalt and phytate, which affect organism’s absorption to Mn.
Signs of swine manganese deficiency include impaired growth, thin, impaired reproductive performance, skeletal abnormalities and ataxia. When pregnant pigs are deficient in manganese, their offspring exhibit a congenital, irreversible ataxia characterized by incoordination, lack of equilibrium, and retraction of the head.
There are some solutions to improve the manganese deficiency below:
1. Improve the feeding management, mix the diet accordingly. Feed fodders to swine with high content of Mn such as green fodder, wheat and bran. 
2. Adding manganese sulfate to fodders at the ratio of 12-24g/100kg.


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