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Reasons and solutions for slipped tendon in duck shed

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Slipped tendon or perosis (lack of manganese sulfate) mainly happens among the 1-3 weeks old ducklings. Symptoms of slipped tendon include bent legs, shaky walking, reduced intake volume and slow growth.
1. Insufficient content of Mn, choline, niacin, biotin or Vitamin B6 will cause slipped tendon. And it can be exacerbated by high content of protein and low content of glycine in the fodder.
2. Lack of Se in diets and inadequate formulation in fodder are another reasons for slipped tendon.
3. High humidity in duck shed is closely related to slipped tendon. 70%-80% ducklings will occur with clinical symptoms when the relative humidity reached 90% or above.
This condition can be remedied by the following three methods:
Firstly, duckling should be fed with nutritional fodders. Every 1 kg or fodder should contain Mn 40-50mg, choline 2000mg, niacin 55mg, biotin 88g and Vitamin B1 2.6mg.
Secondly, pay attention to the duck shed management such as appropriate feeding density, well-ventilated shed, clean and dried environment.
Thirdly, feeding ducks on the ground as much as possible. 
Adding feed grade manganese sulfate monohydrate into fodder can prevent duck from slipped tendon effectively.


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