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Proposal card on how to fertilize crops well

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Farmers fertilize their crops blindly in domestic, manganese sulfate monohydrate, which not only makes no effectives but caused a large number of fertilizer waste. 
According to this situation, the project, which gives farmers a proposal card which state how many fertilizers and what kind of fertilizer should be used for a specific land clearly, is carried out by lots of provinces. After collecting soil sample locally and crops analysis by Agricultural Bureau, the fertilizer proposal card states the fertilizer volume and the suitable fertilizer varieties, which makes farmers can apply fertilizer scientifically.  
Let’s take a proposal card for example, for the target yield of wheat 500-600/667 m2, need 30kgs nitrogenous of urea, 45-55kgs phosphate of superphosphate, 5-8kgs potash of potassium chloride, zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate are used as microelement fertilizer for seed dressing. The proportion of fertilizer grade manganese sulfate is 1 kg/667m2, zinc sulfate is 2 kg/667m2. This card is from Wuzhi County Agricultural Bureau. “We will get this card when it’s time for sowing, and what we need to do is following these suggestions, and the yield will be good in next year.” said by a local farmer from Wuzhi County.
The proposal card guide farmers to fertilize crops well according to the seasons and crops’ situations. Manganese sulfate, It improved the soil fertility and reduced nutrient loss and environment pollution. So it’s easier for farmers to achieve the goal of high yield, high purity and high effective. This is a beneficial project to state and citizens, and should be implemented in a long term. 

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