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Proper magnesium sulfate usage in pig constipation treatment

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Magnesium sulfate, commonly known as Epsom salt, not only can be used as a nutrient feed additive, also can be used to prevent pig constipation.

The common laxatives for pig constipation are magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate, among them magnesium sulfate works with the best effect. However, because of different pig specie, different age and weight, laxatives dose and the result would be different. Too much laxative would make it overly reactive, even cause sows severe dehydration; on the contrary, too less laxative cannot cause obvious catharsis effect.

Therefore, in practical pig farming production, farmers need to be careful to the magnesium sulfate dosage and rationally use magnesium sulfate to avoid destroying the pig body acid-base balance and cause the function disorder between kinds of mineral trace element.


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