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Plant Deficiencies in Hydroponics

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Any plant grown outside a soil environment, and in a water solution, is considered a hydroponically grown plant. This type of soil-less gardening has many risks, because you can need to apply trace elements appropriately.
Manganese sulfate
Deficiency: Growth is stunted; lower leaves have a checkered pattern of yellow and green.
Toxicity: Chlorosis, or blotchy leaf tissue due to insufficient chlorophyll synthesis.  Growth rate will slow and vigor will decline.
Ferrous sulfate
Deficiency: Leaf tissue appears yellow, while the veins remain green.
Toxicity: Excess accumulation is rare but could cause bronzing or tiny brown spots on leaf surface.
Deficiency: Leaf tissue between the veins is lighter in color; yellowed; papery in appearance.
Toxicity: Zinc in excess is extremely toxic and will cause rapid death.  Excess zinc interferes with iron causing chlorosis from iron deficiency.
Magnesium sulfate
Deficiency: Lower leaves turn yellow along the tips and margin and between the veins; the lower leaves wilt.
Toxicity: Rare; not generally exhibited visibly.


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