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Nutrition deficiency of Mango

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Mango has different demands for nutrient in different growth period. Irrational applying of trace element such as zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate will cause plant dysplasia and reduce the yield.
1. Zinc deficiency
 This condition can be found in alkaline soil, applying too much phosphate fertilizer or lime will also cause Zn deficiency.
2. Magnesium deficiency
Mg is easy to run off in acid soil and sandy soil, and if too much content of K and P in soil may cause Mg deficiency.
3. Ferrous deficiency
Fe plays an important role for trees breathing. Usually, Fe content is very rich in the soil. However, in alkalinity soil, much of soluble matter of Fe2+ will transform to insoluble matter Fe3+, which can not be used by trees.
4. Manganese deficiency
Mn becomes the insoluble form in alkaline soil. And too much Mn left in acid soil may cause manganese intoxication. 
Remedial measure
1. Fertilize rationally, increase the volume of organic fertilizer. Strengthen the soil and water conservation.
2. Supplement trace element can prevent mango trees from nutrition deficiency in insufficient organic fertilizer areas.
3. The measures can be taken to correct Zn deficiency plant is to apply zinc sulfate with other organic fertilizers, or spraying 0.5%-1% zinc sulfate solutions.
4. Mg deficiency can be corrected by spraying 0.1% magnesium sulfate solutions. 
5. Spray 0.2% ferrous sulfate solutions can correct Fe deficiency.
6. Improving soil conditions when Mn deficiency occurred or spraying manganese sulfate solutions.


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