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Nutrition deficiency and measures for curing

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Lotus root need a large amount of fertilizer, however, too much fertilizer will cause seedling burning. Lotus root need to absorb kinds of nutrient element such as zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate, and the symptoms will appear if some trace elements lacked.
Magnesium deficiency  
There are piebald with yellow purple alternates with green purple colors. Spray 1%-2% magnesium sulfate solution on leaves.
Manganese deficiency
Symptoms of Mn deficiency plant include plant dwarf, chlorosis, yellowish white new leaves, green veins, weak stem and few flowers and fruits. Applying 0.1%-0.2% manganese sulfate solutions will receive good effectives.
Zinc deficiency
Zn deficiency lotus leaves show pale and crimped the diachyma show yellowed spot. The following two methods can correct this condition effectively:
A: Apply zinc sulfate 0.5-0.75kg/667m2 by topdressing;
B: Spraying 0.2% zinc sulfate solutions on leaves.
Planters should spray trace elements such as zinc sulfate solutions and manganese sulfate solutions appropriately to supplement the necessary nutrition for lotus root growth.


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