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Notes of foliar spraying in rainy season

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Frequent rainfall in rainy season have great influence on fruiting and sprouting that cause deficiency symptoms occur in some orchard. Moreover, compared to soil fertilizing, zinc sulphate spraying on fruit trees is more proper and necessary to supply nutrition for the fruit trees.

There’re some notes when spraying for fruit trees:

First of all, allocate high concentration of fertilizers liquid as possible as long as not surpassing poison standard. in not occur fat harm, under the premise of try to high some to meet the needs of the fruit trees of nutrient. And at the same time adding appropriate neuter soap liquid and other wetting agents, so that can seep into the blade in more corneous layer.

Second, spraying time chosen in the sunny afternoon no wind or cloudy weather.

Again, spraying on the back to leaf. Spraying quantity don't too big to leaf don't drop advisable, in case of fat fluid accumulation produce fat tip against burn sharp.

Finally, according to the specific situation of fruit trees spraying fruit trees of foliar fertilization: if the fruit trees grow weak, branches and leaves a long slow, yellow leaves or display light yellow, so that the fruit trees, lack of iron are deficient in n, at this time, should to spray nitrogen is given priority to, and moderate spraying ferrous sulfate and p and k.

The fruit trees of foliar fertilization common concentration: general urea 0.3% 0.5%, calcium superphosphate 0.5%-1.2%, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.2%-0.4%, three yuan compound fertilizer 0.4%-0.5%, plant ash 1.5%-2%, trace elements of borax, fertilizer grade zinc sulfate, citric acid iron, magnesium sulfate and concentration of 0.08% 0.15%.



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