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Micronutrient fertilizing skills for peach trees

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The peach tree’s demands for nutrient indicate that production 100kgs of peach need to absorb 0.3-0.6kgs N, 0.1-0.2kg P, 0.3-0.7kgs K. There are some differences in fertilizing because of different nutrient losses, soil fixing levels and root absorbing capacity. For high yield peach garden, every year it uses 20-45kgs N fertilizer, 4.5-22.5kgs P( P2O5 ) fertilizer, and 15-40kgs K fertilizer. And also, peach tree needs micronutrient like Ca and Mg, and trace element, which offered by soil and organic fertilizer.

It doesn’t need trace element if much organic fertilizer fertilized; but if there is little organic fertilizer, the volume of micronutrient is: sodium borate 0.25-0.5kgs/ 667㎡,zinc sulfate 5-10kgs/667, manganese sulfate 1-2kgs/667,ferrous sulfate 5-10kgs/667(match with high quality organic fertilizer, the proportion between organic fertilizer and ferrous fertilizer is 5:1). Micronutrient fertilizer can be foliar fertilized, and the thickness of solution should be according to the degree of aging of leaves.


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