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Micronutrient fertilizing for red Fuji apple

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Autumn is the gold period for apple harvest and fertilization. There will make great difference if fertilizing in different time. Fertilization in autumn is so important just because autumn is the key time for plants’ growing. So we must pay more attention to the fertilizing methods, take micronutrient as the example:

Foliar Fertilizing is a main method for supplying micronutrient. Details are as follows:
Stage                  Types & Concentration                    Effect                                    Remarks
Before sprout      1~2% zinc sulfate                 Treatment for little leaves       Mainly used in zinc deficiency orchard
After sprout         0.3~0.5% zinc sulfate           Treatment for little leaves       Little leaves arose
Flower season     0.3%~0.4% sodium borate   Increase fruit setting              Spraying for twice continuously


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