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Methods to solve the plants shriveling status

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Lots of reasons lead the shriveling status of young maize plants are as follows:

Seeding drought, which is caused by lacking of water for young maize plants. To solve this problem, we suggest that we can pour water to plants to push rooting.

 Phytocide use is not reasonable, lots of farmers don't read the instruction book
carefully when using phytocide, so that they use kinds of phytocide compoundly and wrongly, and lead the plants to be shriveling even die. We suggest that increase the water volume and remit the phytotoxicity.
Disease, mainly refers to seeding blight. This disease was caused when two or three leaves come out. It can use foliar fertilization + Hymexazol spraying on base of maize plants, which can receive the obvious effects.

 Insect attack, such as cotton bollworm, Armyworms, wireworm, aphids, thrips, Sweden stem flies, cutworms and so on. These insects are easy to be found and cured. The methods are: use 40% phoxim, dilute 500-100 times and then spraying on the base of young maize plants

Zinc lack. Maize is a sensitive plant, and is easy to be shriveling. Fertilizing zinc fertilization as base can receive the best effects. If the situation is arose in growth period, topdressing is adopted, that is use 1-2kgs zinc sulfate mixed with 10-15kg fine soil in every 667㎡ soil. Row replacement or hole application and spraying are used during the seeding stage and jointing stage. That is using 0.1% agriculture grade zinc sulfate to spray two times continuously every 7 days, 50-75kgs every 667㎡.  

Unreasonable fertilization, which leads to K deficiency, N deficiency, Zn deficiency. Superfluous fertilization can also lead slow growth and yellow leaves.

What’s more, the small spacing distances lead root burning. So it suggests that utilize the fertilizer water and match with N,P and K fertilizer. Irrigating timely and supply nutrient properly to push it’s growing. 


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