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Methods of fertilizing the pear tree

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For the pear trees,there is little organic fertilizer in soil, the input of N is large but received little effect, and little input of K and trace element fertilizer. What's more, we pay little attention to the fertilizing time and methods, especially in Southern soil acid areas. There are some points to be noticed. 

1/ Increase of organic fertilizer, use liming and organic fertilizer to improve the quality of soil in serious soil acidification areas
2/ Decrease the input of N fertilizer properly, and at the same time increase the K fertilizer, supply trace element like Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn, B and so on through spraying on leaves.
3/ Fix the fertilizing time, dosage and element matching according to the output and soil fertility with High yield and high quality cultivation technology
4/ Optimizing the ways of fertilizing, using band placement or hole application instead of broadcast fertilizer, matching with rational irrigation and fertilizing.


Methods of fertilizing
1/ Yield is 4000kgs/667㎡ or above: Organic fertilizer 3-4 cube/667㎡, N fertilizer(N)25-30kgs/667㎡, P fertilizer(P2O5)8-12kgs/667㎡, K fertilizer(K2O)20-30kgs/667㎡.
2/ Yield is 2000-4000kgs/667㎡: Organic fertilizer 2-3 cube/667㎡, N fertilizer(N)20-25kgs/667㎡, P fertilizer(P2O5)8-12kgs/667㎡, K fertilizer(K2O)20-25kgs/667㎡.
3/ Yield is 2000kgs/667㎡ or below: Organic fertilizer 2-3 cube/667㎡, N fertilizer(N)15-20kgs/667㎡, P fertilizer(P2O5)8-12kgs/667㎡, K fertilizer(K2O)15-20kgs/667㎡.
The orchard which lacks of Ca and Mg, calcium magnesium phosphate (fertilizer) is adopted; The orchard which is lack of Fe, Zn and B, we can use 0.3-0.5% fertilizer grade  ferrous sulfate, 0.3% zinc sulfate, 0.2-0.5% sodium borate to adjust. 
All organic fertilizer and P fertilizer, 50-60% N fertilizer, 40% K fertilizer will be fertilized after the harvest of pear in autumn. The left 40-50% N fertilizer and 60% K fertilizer will be fertilized in March and June or July. Top application is needed according to the situation of the pear.


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