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Manganese trace and the secret of healthy and longevity

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Manganese element is a trace element of healthy human body. The human absorb most of the manganese through the food of animals and plants. In plants and animals, manganese sulphate mopnohydrate is an common raw material to supple manganese.

In Bama Race autonomous county in Guangdong China, there are more than 31 people above 100-years old in one hundred thousand people. For exceeding the international standard of recognized longevity 25, it’s called “the town of longevity”. This phenomenon in Bama draws many experts from more than 20 countries to do scientific investigations. It’s later found that high manganese content of soil have a close relationship with their long lifetime except the unpolluted natural environment of Bama county, as water and air.

In the fields of Bama, the manganese content in the vegetable is as high as 6566 ug/g. The manganese content in 100-years-old man hair is as high as (22.47 + 13.33) ug/g, which is 10 times more than those people in Guangzhou with manganese (2.23 + 0.84) ug/g and Japanese people in Tokyo with manganese (2.30 + 1.17) ug/g. Manganese elements mainly come from vegetables, beans and others. Bama people eat the food with high manganese content that makes them live longer.

Thus, manganese trace element is an beneficial trace element to human health. The data shows the world manganese ore resources mainly distribute in South Africa, Ukraine, Gabon, Australia, etc, while China manganese ore mainly distribute in Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou, which is called "manganese triangle". In these rich manganese ore areas, manganese products as manganese sulphate are manufactured there.


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