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Manganese sulfate could treat the Lupinus manganese deficiency

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Lupinus,a category of leguminosae, mainly distributes in North America, South America and Africa, Mediterranean region, so do Taiwan of China and western Australia. Lupinus prefers acidic sandy soil, which is commonly fertilized with manganese sulfate monohydrate, ferrous sulfate, and so on.

Lupinus not only shows good ornamental value, its stem and leaf can be make as good silage, seeds are also fine feeds with high protein. In pratical planting, manganese deficiency in soil easily leads to the decrease in Lupinus yield. However, manganese deficiency doesn't directly affect the yield, but influence the seed split rate. When seeds split and cotyledon protrude, the seeds start to wither. This indirectly reduce the Lupinus output.

When PH value rise in soil or crack disorder symptoms of Lupinus seeds, people could generally fertilize manganese sulfate 7.5 kg per hectare when sowing. Then manganese deficiency symptoms in crops can effectively relieve.


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