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Manganese deficiency solutions for pomelo tree

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Pomelo is the ideal fruit for modern people for health. The high content of vitamin C helps to lower cholesterol levels. Pomelo has the ability to enhance physique. It’s also help body to absorb calcium and iron. Manganese sulfate deficiency caused reduced yield and low quality of fruits.
Three Signs of manganese deficiency for pomelo trees.
1. The color is still dark green which nearby the main vein and the lateral vein. And mesophyll with interveinal show light green with spots.
2. Many fallen leaves in winter caused by severe manganese deficiency. And the shoot is easy to be decrepitude. Growing of new shoots is restrained. 
3. Low quality fruit and the yield reduce 20%-40%.
1. Spraying clean water.
2. Spraying manganese sulfate solutions 0.2% onto leaves.
3. Apply manganese sulfate 3.8kgs/667m2 by hole application.
4. Spraying manganese sulfate solutions 0.2% onto leaves and apply manganese sulfate 3.8kgs/667/m2 by hole application.
5. Apply manganese sulfate 3.8kgs and chicken manure 500kgs/667m2 by hole application.
6. Apply chicken manure 500kgs/667m2
The best time for foliage spraying is in the middle of March, June and August with 5 Kgs for every plant per time. Hole application are suggested to use with other base fertilizers in winter. 
The deficient pomelo trees will be improved by applying manganese sulfate. Method 5(hole application manganese sulfate with other organic sulfate) and method 4(hole application manganese and foliar spraying manganese sulfate solutions) have the best effectiveness.


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