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Manganese deficiency in the duck

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Mn (manganese sulfate) is an essential trace element to all know animals. Duck’s requirement for Mn is very high and is sensitive for manganese deficiency. Manganese deficiency in duck called slipped tendon or perosis.
Reasons and Symptoms
A. Reasons
The primary reason for duck manganese deficiency is low Mn intake in fodders which occurred in low manganese soil frequently. Insufficient content of choline, niacin, biotin, Vb2, Vb12, and Vd in fodders will also cause manganese deficiency because the requirement for Mn will increase in this condition.
The secondary reason for manganese deficiency is high content of Cd, P, Fe and Co. Those elements will inhibit the absorption for Mn.
B. Symptoms
1. Abnormal thickening and flat hock.
2. Low rate of laying and hatching.
3. Dysplastic embryo and most of then are dead embryo
Remedy measures
The most effective way to prevent manganese deficiency is to feed duck with nutritional fodder especially contained Mn, choline and Vitamin B in fodder.
It is important to provide duckling diets that are formulated to content adequate amounts of tall trace minerals and vitamins such as Mn 50mg, choline 200mg, niacin 40-50mg, biotin 40-100mg. The content of Ca and P in diet is at the ratio of 1.0%:0.6%, and meanwhile, the content of protein and amino acid in fodder should be adequate. Keep ventilating for duck shed, and provide grazing as much as possible.
When manganese deficiency occurred, the common way to correct this condition is to feed them with 0.005%-0.01% potassium permanganate solutions water for 2-3 days. Or add manganese sulfate into fodders at the ratio of 0.1-0.5g/1000g fodders.
Therefore, adding manganese sulfate and mixing potassium permanganate solutions water are the effective ways to prevent duck from manganese deficiency.


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