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Magnesium sulphate monohydrate is to be used as food additive

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Some factories add some salts, starch, gypsum, industrial magnesium sulfate into monosodium glutamate to decrease the cost. As you know, take magnesium sulfate as an example, the price of magnesium sulfate food grade is more than 300 USD/MT at least, but it’s 110-130USD/MT for industrial grade, in which, the content of heavy metals and colon bacillus exceeds standard, and the sanitation is not standard.

Magnesium sulfate is also called Epsom salt( kieserite), colorless crystallization, a little bitter and salty, and easily soluble in water. If takes too much this, people will throw up, diarrhea, breath hardly, even shock. So it harms people’s health seriously. So it’s better for us to eat less monosodium glutamate or buy them with famous brands.


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