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Leaves yellowing for cucumber elements deficiency and its solution

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Leaves-yellowing for cucumber is mainly caused by lack of nutrition elements such as potassium, magnesium and zinc. Nutrient deficiency disease is mainly regulated through micro-nutrient fertilizer such as zinc sulfate,fertilizer grade magnesium sulfate.

The identification and its solution of deficiency disease: Deficiency types have two kinds, the yellowing of middle and lower old leaves and the yellowing of middle and upper new leaves. The missing elements for plant body are those recycled elements, such as nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, zinc, etc.

1. Nitrogen deficiency symptom: The whole plant grows slowly and old leaves lost green early. Solution: spray 0.5% ~ 1% urea solution 2 ~ 3 times.

2. Magnesium deficiency symptom: The whole plant growth has no obvious resistance and the whole leaf loss green within the leaves but the vein still show green. Green spots, not curling also are the symptoms of magnesium symptom. Solution: spray magnesium sulfate 1% ~ 2% on the plants.

3. Zinc deficiency symptom: No obvious resistance in plant growth and the whole leaf appears green losing and necrotic spots or stripes. Solution: spray zinc sulfate 0.2%.


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