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It’s time to fertilize trace element fertilizer to cherry

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Autumn is the peak time for growth of fruit’s root, and it’s also the critical period for nutrient accumulation. NPK fertilizer is needed as well as the zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate and so on trace element fertilizer.
It’s very important for fertilizing in a early time, September and October is the best time especially in September, because the soil temperature is high and time for absorbing nutrient is much longer and speed is much faster.
Except fertilizing time, fertilizer volume is also very important. Some experts say 70% of annual fertilizer is from autumn. High quality organic fertilizer is needed and volume is 3000kgs/ 667㎡. They need not only NPK and so on macro nutrient elements, medium elements like Ca, Mg and S but also need trace elements like zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate.
Scientific fertilizing methods are also very important. Autumn base fertilizer should be mainly radial furrow application. Dig 6-8 radial furrows, which are 20-30cm depth, as many as possible, in order to help root absorbing more nutrient. At the same time, mix the organic fertilizer with soil and keep close contact with each other to get better fertility.
It’s suggested that treading down the soil and watering timely after fertilizing which helps the combination of water and fertilizer and improves the utility of fertilizer. And it also helps absorbing trace elements like zinc sulfate and ferrous sulfate better.


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