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Is the land you farmed belongs to the kinds of zinc deficiency?

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Rech Chemical Co. Ltd always receives many enquiry and purchasing order of zinc sulfate agricultural grade. If pay a note of their resources, we find most of customers come from north of China, provinces such as Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Shandong and so on. The different zinc deficiency situations rightly make such a distribution law. Now, here let me summarize the types of zinc deficiency soil for your reference.
First, ash soil, mainly distributes in the north, including cotton soil, moisture yellow soil brown soil and so on. This kind is the major zinc deficiency soil in our country for its high PH value that would reduce the zinc effectiveness.
Second, the soil parent material, such as granite forming soil in Fujian province and provinces near the Yangtze River area.
Third, the lime soil with higher organic matter, such as in Sichuan Basin, Yunnan province. Too much organic matter in this soil can low the effectiveness of zinc.
Fourth, the soil that excess phosphatic fertilized and the soil in where roots limited by some other bad environmental conditions. This kind of soil is also easy to result zinc deficiency.
Hope the summaries of zinc deficiency soil above may give you some help before you zinc sulfate purchasing.


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