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Introduction of how to use flower fertilizer like ferrous sulfate well

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Ferrous sulfate is a good flower fertilizer. It can adjust soil PH value and prevent the flowers and trees from ferrous deficiency. Ferrous is an essential trace element for acid preferring trees especially for cycad tree.
1, Usage and Symptoms
(1) Usage: mix 10 grams ferrous sulfate with 2 ~ 2.5 KG water, forming ferrous sulfate monohydrate solution for foliar spray. Spray this solution 1~2 times monthly during its normal growth .And in prevention period, once every 10 ~ 15 days, continuously 2 ~ 3 times.
(2) Prevention and disease Cure: Ferrous sulfates can effectively control leaves yellowing which caused by lacking of Fe. The disease mainly appears in young leaves. At beginning, the mesophyll become yellow, then two sides of leave and middle focal or apex will appears brown spots. Last, leaves fall off.
2, What kinds of plants need this treatment: all kinds of flowers and trees which prefer acid condition, such as: hornbeam, cuckoo, camellias, milan, bracketplant, asparagus, Hester prynne, poinsettia, five needle pine and cypress, jasmine, ferns, palm classes, and all kinds of flowers and bonsai trees can apply this methods. In China, the south soil mainly stays acid while north stay alkali. So when garden plants originated from south transplant to north, more ferrous sulfate regulation is used.
3, Note: Do not use excessive ferrous sulfate,or it will appear seedlings burning. When mixed ferrous sulfate solution, we must control the dosage. If burning seedlings phenomenon appears, there are two methods as bellow to reduce the ferrous sulfate‘s influence:
(1). If spraying: spray clean water on leaves both front and back sides. More times are necessary. 
(2). If irrigation roots: water more times on basin soil.


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