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How to use ferrous sulfate to treat fishery diseases

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In aquaculture, ferrous sulfate is a common and effective fishery drug. In southern China’s August, the temperature stays between 26℃~35℃, water temperature stays between 25℃~29℃, it’s the fast time for fishes to grow, but also for parasite. Ferrous sulfate is mainly to treat parasite disease as ciliate, ring worm and wheel worm.

The solution of Ciliates disease: mix copper sulfate and ferrous sulfate together based on 5:2 ratio and 0.7mg/L concentration and splash all the pool or splash 0.6 mg/l zinc sulfate solution all the pool.

The solutions of Ring worm and worm wheel disease: These diseases commonly occur in grass carp, silver carp and crucian carp. Detailed measures: splash 0.7mg/L mixture solution of copper sulfate and ferrous sulfate (5:2) all the pool.

If fishes you farmed appear the diseases mentioned above, you may refer and try the ferrous sulfate solutions.


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