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How to use ferrous sulfate to fertilize peanuts?

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Ferrous is essential catalyst for plants producing chlorophyll and compositing protein. The symptom of ferrous deficiency is the inter-veins blade green lost. In contrast with magnesium deficiency symptoms, ferrous deficiency occurs in new leaves, because ferrous is not easy to be transferred from the old leaves. When ferrous deficiency happens too long, the vein and even whole leave would turn white.

Easy Application methods:

(1) Used as base fertilizer. Fertilize manganese sulfate 200~400 kg every acre when ploughing (Do not mix with organic fertilizer and calcium superphosphate);

(2) Used as seeds treatment. Before sowing, treat the seeds with 0.1 % ferrous sulfate solution for 24 hours and then sow the seeds after dried;

(3) Used as root spraying. In peanuts flowering period, friut period or when new leaves appear yellowish, foliar spray with 0.2% of ferrous sulfate solution, generally spray one time every 5 ~ 6 days, continuous for 2 ~ 3 times.

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