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How to test the chloride ion content in zinc sulfate?

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Too much chlorine ion in the zinc sulfate would cause spurious agglomeration. How to count out the chloride ion content in zinc sulfate? 

Add water in 1 ~ 10 mL zinc sulfate solution as to 150 mL in 250mL-conical flask, and add bromophenol blue indicator (1 g/L) 5 drops. Use sodium hydroxide solution (300 g/L) to adjust the solution color till blue and add nitric acid (5 + 95) to switch to yellow and excessive 5 drops (PH 3.0 ~ 3.5 at this time. For electrolytic liquid color interference the result, it’s better to use precise PH test paper regulation). Plus indicator agent phenylazoformic acid 2-phenylhydrazide (5 g/L) 1.0 mL and titrate mercury nitrate standard solution to purple finally.

Calculate the chloride content as bellow:
TCL * 1000* V2
CCL (mg/L) = -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -
CCL - mease chlorine concentration in test solution (mg/L)
TCL –the titration coefficient of chloride with mercury nitrate standard solution for (mg/mL)
V1- the test fluid volume (mL)
V2 - titration consumption volume of mercury nitrate standard solution (mL)

On the Current market, chloride ion content in zinc sulfate is 1.5 ~ 1.8 PPM, however, chloride ion content of zinc sulfate produced by Rech Chemical Co. Ltd is lower than this value that the quality would be better.

By the way, you can find " Why zinc sulfate appeared the phenomenon of agglomeration " in our website.


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