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How to soak pepper seeds well?

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Soaking seeds is to meet the needs such as heat, moisture and oxygen for seeds bourgeon. Soaking seeds before planting will help to reduce seed bourgeon time and promote emergence orderly and fast. The methods of soaking can be divided into four parts: clean water soaking, hot water soaking, medicinal liquid soaking and trace element soaking such as manganese sulfate and zinc sulfate
Clean water soaking
Soak seed in clean water, 4 steps only.
1. Soak seeds in clean warm water at 20-30 centigrade.
2. Fish out wizened seeds and other sundries.
3. Soak seeds in another pot of clean water. No greasy dirt in water to make sure seeds can breathe normally. 
4. Remove mucus around seed surface, and then swill the seeds with clean water.
Soaking seeds in hot water
Soak seeds in warm water for 15 minutes to bud pathogenic bacteria before soaking in hot water. Then put these seeds in water at 55-60 centigrade for 15 minutes. During this period, it is necessary to supplement hot water to make sure all seeds heated till the temperature reduced to 30 centigrade. And then soak seeds in warm water for 4hours.
Soaking seeds in medicinal liquid
Controlling the concentration of medicinal liquid and the soaking time well is the most important step when soaking seeds in medicinal liquid. Pre-soak seeds in warm water for 4 or 5 hours, and swill with clean water after medicinal liquid soaking.
Soaking seeds in clean water for 4-5 hours first, and then sterilizing with 0.1% corrosive sublimate for 5 minutes. Planting or drying in the air for future use after swilled seeds with clean water. The method can prevent pepper from scab effectively.
Soak seeds in clean water for 4-5 hours and then soak in streptomycin solutions for 30 minutes.
Soak the seeds which had been soaked in clean water in 10% TSP solutions for 20-30 minutes and then swill seeds with clean water. This method can prevent pepper from viral disease effectively.
Swill seeds with clean water for several times after soaking in 1% sodium hypochlorite solutions for 5-10 minutes, and then soak them in warm water for 8-12 hours.
Soaking seeds with trace element
Soak seeds in clean water 4 or 5 hours and then soak in 1% copper sulfate solutions for 5 minutes.
Soak seeds in 0.002% boric acid or 0.02% zinc sulfate or manganese sulfate solutions for 6 hours.


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