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How to salt freshwater in seafish farming?

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Farm sea-fish need natural sea water or salt brine. In inland areas, farmers can concoct artificial sea water. In the process, many salts as Sodium chloride, manganese sulfate monohydrate, zinc sulfate monohydrate certainly would be added in.

To avoid the fish loss appetite or appear other problems, salting water process cannot be too hurry. Salt work generally begins in August. The salinity of the fish pond should reach 2.4% in November after salinity increase every five days.

Artificial seawater formula (for each ton of water): salt 2500g, calcium chloride 1250g, magnesium sulfate 7500g, potassium chloride 500g, boric acid 300g, sodium bicarbonate 175g, manganese sulfate 3.5g, strontium chloride 18g, sodium dihydrogen phosphate 3.5g, lithium chloride 1g, manganese molybdate 1g, sodium thiosulfate 1g, potassium bromide 24.25 g, aluminum sulfate 0.75 g, potassium iodide 0.075 g~ 0.25 g, copper sulfate 0.1 g.

Notes need your attention: 1, the dissolved oxygen in water should be sustained above 5 mg/l. 2, keep water fresh and take water quality changes in observation. 3, In case of leakage of fish pond and rain pouring, please continue to add some manganese sulfate and other salts to make enough water salinity.


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