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How to reduce the hexavalent chromium content in cement?

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Hexavalent chromium will cause a serious bad symptom to humans, making it difficult to cure the pain which perishes a dermatitis or eczema.In recent years, the pollution problem of hexavalent chromium has attracted people’s great attention. The cost of treating industrial waste slag contains hexavalent chromium is very expensive, and secondary pollution can be caused easily too, If it can be used in cement production, both the environmental pollution and the cement productive cost will be reduced. However, the problem of hexavalent chromium also introduced to cement industry accordingly. So how to reduce the Hexavalent chromium content in cement?
Ferrous sulfate widely used in cement industry as a reducing agent and have very good effects. Ferrous sulfate mono granular and powder can be mixed into cement when producing, ferrous sulfate granular can be put into clinker to be grinded together, and ferrous sulfate powder can be mixed with finished cement to be used to reduce the content of water soluble hexavalent chromium.

In June 2003, EU has issued regulations that the cement and the cement production which the content of water soluble hexavalent chromium exceeding 0.0002% were prohibited from selling and using. It has been found that adding 0.09% ferrous sulfate into the cement will reduce the hexavalent chromium content to 0.00012%, it is lowcost and effective, What’s more, the experimental results shows that the reductive stability of ferrous sulfate is present well, and the packet of the cement can be kept up the content of exavalent chromium no more than 0.0002% in 180 days.

By the way, you can find " the usage of ferrous sulfate in cement to reduce the hexavalent chromium content" in our website.


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