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How to prevent your soybeans away from nutrient deficiency

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When we plant soybeans, we may found sometimes they have nutrient deficiency such as zinc sulfate deficiency and ferrous sulfate deficiency. According to the experts, 6 steps to prevent your plants away from nutrient deficiency.
1 Choose a well-drained spot to plant your soybeans.
2 Test the content of phosphate, potassium, zinc and ferrous. Use the results of the soil test to determine how much fertilizer to add.
3 Apply 20 lbs. of phosphate fertilizer per acre to increase the phosphorous level by one point. Apply 10 lbs. of potash fertilizer to increase the potassium level by one point.
4 Observe young plant leaves for signs of zinc or ferrous deficiencies. Zinc-deficient plants will have small leaves, sometimes with bronzing or spots. Ferrous-deficient plants will have yellow leaves with green veins. Your soil test should confirm whether the soil is zinc and/or ferrous deficient.
5 Mix 1 lb. of zinc sulfate with 25 to 30 gallons of water per acre to treat zinc-deficient plants. Spray the solution on the leaves.
6 Mix 4 lbs. of ferrous sulfate with 20 gallons of water for every 1 or 2 acres to treat ferrous-deficient plants. Spray ferrous sulfate solution on the leaves.


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