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How to prevent orchid from nutrition deficiency?

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Orchid is unpretentious, and keeps green throughout the year, elegant in shape, and is a good ornamental plant even not in the flowering period. However, when orchid lacks of nutrition, the symptoms will be found on the leaves and veins, planters should apply trace element such as zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate to supplement the nutrient for orchid. 
Following are the symptoms and remedied methods for nutrition deficiency:
1.Magnesium deficiency
Signs of Mg deficiency include yellowish leaves and crimp. This condition can be remedied by applying 0.5% magnesium sulfate solutions in the evenings, one time per five days.
2.Manganese deficiency
Manganese deficiency orchid leaves show sunburn-like spot, wilt and chlorosis. This kind of deficiency is easy to be found in calcareous and sandy soil. It can be remedied by applying 0.3% manganese sulfate solutions on leaves for 3 times.
3.Ferrous deficiency
Leaves from ferrous deficiency show yellowish white diachyma in new leaves, the veins and marginal areas show brown spots. A common remedial measure is to apply 0.5% ferrous sulfate solutions on leaves for twice or three times, once per three days.
4.Zinc deficiency
When zinc deficiency occurs in orchid, the bottom leaves show rusty spot and extend to the marginal area. This condition can be corrected by applying 0.1% zinc sulfate solutions on leaves for three times, once per 3-5 days.
When planting orchid, planters should supplement trace elements such as zinc sulfate solutions and manganese sulfate solutions at the right time with right method. Trace element will keep balance so that orchid would grow better and nice-looking.


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