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How to prevent eggplant from trace element deficiency?

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Multi nutrition is absorbed by eggplant at its growth period. Lack of nutrition will cause the physically disease. Apply trace elements such as manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate and magnesium sulfate at the right time can prevent eggplant from nutrition deficiency effectively.
Signs of magnesium deficiency of eggplant include yellowed veins, chlorotic leaves, small fruit and blocked growth. Mg deficiency is a common disease when planting eggplant.
How to correct Magnesium deficiency of eggplant?
A common remedial measure is to apply Mg fertilizers such as magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride, magnesium nitrate, magnesium oxide, and kalimagnesia. They are water soluble fertilizers and are easy to be absorbed. The other way is to spray 1%-3% magnesium sulfate solution onto leaves during growth period or when the Mg deficiency occurs.
Leaves of eggplant suffering from Fe deficiency show yellowish white on new leaves. However the veins remain green.
This condition is often seen in acid, fertile, and humid soils.
The condition can be remedied by spraying 0.5%-1% ferrous sulfate solution onto leaves during the growth period or when the Fe deficiency occurs.
Manganese deficiency new leaves show yellowish green and then will be brown gradually while the veins are still green.  
The appropriate remedy is spraying 1% manganese sulfate solution onto eggplant leaves during the growth period or when the Mn deficiency occurs.
Zinc deficient leaves are small and clumping. Yellow spots may appear on new leaves, and extend to marginal areas gradually, till the whole leave yellowing.
In general, zinc deficiency eggplant can be corrected by spraying 0.1% zinc sulfate solutions during the growth period or when Zn deficiency occurs.
To plant eggplant well, it is essential to add trace elements such as zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate and magnesium sulfate during the growth period to make it grow better.


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