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How to prevent citrus from mosaic disease?

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Mosaic disease plant show diachyma yellowish white grid and will affect the growth for citrus. In order to treat this disease, lots of researching work has been done by planters especially for the effectiveness of manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate and magnesium sulfate. Statics show that spraying manganese sulfate will receive the best effects, the morbidity rate is only 4.7%, while spraying zinc sulfate is 53.7%.
This remedial measure is used widely all over the world, and mosaic disease has been controlled. Let’s take a farm for example, 50% citrus trees get mosaic disease, however, 83% trees with mosaic diseases turned well by spraying manganese sulfate. 
The following aspects should be known when spraying manganese sulfate:
1. Spraying time: The best time to spray manganese sulfate is that when new bud is 10cm tall or before leaves turn green.
2. Control the concentration well. The proportion between water and manganese sulfate powder should be 50kg: 100-150g. And can mix with other pesticide for anti-pest control. But don’t use together with copper sulfate to avoid side-effects.
You can plant citrus well as long as you know how to prevent them from diseases, if you found your plant get mosaic disease, spraying manganese sulfate solutions can correct it effectively.


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