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How to prevent celery from trace element deficiency?

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Celery is a kind of high fibre food. Eating celery frequently helps people to prevent from diseases such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Trace elements deficiency such as manganese sulfate and ferrous sulfate occurs frequently when planting. Symptoms as follow:
Magnesium deficiency
Apply too much K fertilizer will affect absorption to Mg, or when root system cannot get enough Mg to meet the plants’ demand, Mg deficiency occurs. At the moment, leaves are turn to light green color. This condition can be remedied by spraying 1% magnesium sulfate solutions three times, usually, once a week is enough.
Iron deficiency
This condition, iron deficiency, can be found in high pH alkaline soil and calcareous soil or superfluous in soil; excessive dry or wet soil; low temperature environment. Fe deficient leaves show yellowish white. Generally, this condition can be corrected by spraying 0.21%-0.3% ferrous sulfate solutions onto leaves or reducing the P content by deep ploughing.
Zinc deficiency
Zinc deficiency is easy to be found in soil with pH>6, especially in calcareous soil. Symptoms of zinc deficiency include rolling leaf and pigment on stems. A common way to remedy zinc deficient is to apply zinc fertilizer with physiological acidic fertilizer or spray 0.05%-0.2% zinc sulfate solutions onto leaves.
Manganese deficiency
Applying lime in large quantity makes pH in higher rank which will induce manganese deficiency. Applying phosphate fertilizer in a large quantity will also cause manganese deficiency because manganese sulfate will be deposited. When Mn deficiency occurred, the veins in marginal area show light green and even in yellow. A common remedial measure can be taken is to spray 0.05%-0.1% manganese sulfate solution onto leaves.
Deficient in trace elements such as zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate and magnesium sulfate will make change the leaves’ color and decrease the nutrient value. It is necessary to spray trace element such as manganese sulfate when planting.


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