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How to prevent apricot trees from nutrient deficiency?

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There will be a series of symptoms when apricot trees are deficient in trace element such Zn and Mn. Applying zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate can prevent trees from nutrition deficiency effectively.
1. The marginal areas and the veins show chlorosis when Mn deficiency occurs, and then expands to the main vein and show yellow.
2. Signs of Fe deficiency include chlorosis, yellowish green diachyma, but the veins still keep green. When the condition of Fe deficiency gets worse, diachyma turn to yellowish white and the veins is yellow, brown spots appear on the leaves and will be withered gradually. 
3.  Symptoms of zinc deficiency involved stripe or yellowing area on the bottom area of leaves, small leaves or thin branches on upper area of new shoot. Plant will be weak with poor flower buds if planters do not correct Zn deficiency.
1.  Fertilize rationally, increase the volume of organic fertilizer. Strengthen the soil and water conservation.
2. Supplement trace element in the organic fertilizer insufficient areas.
3.  3 weeks later when petals fallen, spraying 0.2% zinc sulfate solutions with 0.3% urea can prevent trees from zinc deficiency effectively.
4.  Fe deficiency can be corrected by spraying 0.5% ferrous sulfate solutions.
5.  Apply more organic fertilizer in low Mn content soil, or spray 0.3%-0.5% manganese sulfate solutions on flowers once a week for two times.a


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