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How to prevent and treat zinc deficiency disease of cattle?

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According to the current situation of rural livestock breeding, the feeding of cattle maintains very simple in the long term. Thus, zinc deficiency may happen frequently which would cause cattle growth slowly and cattle reproductive capacity get down, even cause sterilization. Adding zinc sulfate is the common method to solve cattle zinc deficiency for farmers.
The symptoms and treatment:
In the diet, lack of zinc or calcium can cause zinc deficiency disease. The skins of suffered cow become coarse and thick, appearing on about 40% skin of whole body, like as dermatitis disease. The symptoms mainly obviously happen in the nose, anus, vulvae, the top tail, and so on. Prevention and treatment: if the amount of calcium in feed is 0.6%, please add zinc supplementation 50 mg/kg; If the disease occurs, add 0.02%feed grade zinc sulfate in the animal feed, to the serious cattle, inject zinc sulfate 2-4 ml/ kilogram weight and take zinc sulfate 2 grams per week; Or inject 1g weekly.
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