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How to prevent and cure maize white seedling

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The slices of white seedlings will occurred after corn emergence, it will dry-up when turning seriously, which calls “White Mosaic”. Plants with this matter will grow slowly, and reduce the yield. 


The “White Mosaic”is caused by lacking of zinc, i.e. the effective zinc content in soil is no more than 1.5ppm. This soil mainly refers to calcareous soil and saline-alkali soil. Besides, if superfluous calcium superphosphate fertilized, zinc + phosphorylation makes low soluble zinc phosphate, which caused zinc deficiency. How to fertilize zinc fertilizer?


Base fertilizer: 1-1.5kgs/667, together with the organic fertilizer to apply manure in furrows or make hole application.


Seed dressing: 1kg corn seed + 20-40g zinc sulfate, add some water to dissolve zinc fertilizer, and then spray on seeds and mix thoroughly.

Top dressing: zinc sulfate+ water to be 0.1-0.2% solution, spraying 40-50kgs for every 667 and every 10-15days since joint stage, 2-3 times totally.



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