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How to prevent Christmas tree from nutrient deficiency

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Nutrient deficiencies of Christmas tree include ferrous sulfate deficiency, magnesium sulfate deficiency and manganese sulfate deficiency and so on. Maintaining adequate nutrition is essential in the production of high vigor, quality Christmas trees. 
Tree nutrient status influences vigor, growth rate, foliage color, branch and foliage density, and perhaps needle retention. 
The micronutrients - ferrous, manganese, boron, copper, and zinc generally are not found to be limiting. However, in cases where a micronutrient deficiency occurs, short-term correction can be attempted by foliar application of chelated micronutrient sprays. 
The waxy cuticle of conifer foliage presents a barrier to nutrient uptake. Follow carefully the fertilizer recommendations on rates and timing of application, and the use of surfactants and/or penetrants to enhance uptake. Often micronutrient problems are the result of poor overall nutrient balance and excesses in pH. Be sure to consider these factors as well.
Corrective Measures
Use the soil and foliar analyses to evaluate each stand. The soil test information will provide fertilizer application rates. Also judge the overall vigor of the trees, soil drainage, insect and disease problems, weed control, which influence growth and quality.
Therefore, by spraying ferrous sulfate solutions, magnesium sulfate solutions and manganese sulfate solutions can prevent Christmas trees form nutrient deficiency effectively.


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