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How to plant menta crispate well?

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Nowadays, more and more people pay much attention on environment and health. And plant lots of indoor flowers to purify air or just for decoration. Mentha crispata is known by the common name of wrinkled-leaf mint. It can absorb the toxic and harmful gases indoors. The following methods will help you to plant menta crispate well, besides, spray appropriate manganese sulfate monohydrate solutions onto the leaves is better.
1. Mentha crispata can widely fit the soil. Generally, you can choose the fertile sandy loam as seedbed in higher ground with abundant water resources and convenient for irrigating and drain. Deep lowing the seedbed, and apply NPK fertilizer 10kgs/667 m2. There is no need to fertilize any more during the growth period.
2. Choose cuttings which is higher than 20cm, and cut the top part (about 10cm), and keep at least 4 leaves, bundling with belts and dip into water which contains ABT solution, insert them into seedbed 10 minutes later.
3. You can hole the seedbed with wooden stick to prevent the root from damage. In summer, insert 110/667m2 is enough, and insert 140/667m2 in winter. You should watering menta crispata after cuttage. And then spray 0.075% manganese sulfate solution on leaves for once to twice.
4. Transplant the Menta crispata when the stem length is 15cm. First, the pot should be filled with nutritious soil. And then, you should watering menta crispata after planting, and then put in to ventilate place for 1 week, and then, the menta crispate can be on sale.


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