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How to plant chlorophytum well?

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Chlorophytum is a foliage plant for decorating and also have the function of purifying the air. Keep one-two pots of chlorophytum at home, all the toxic air will be absorbed. So chlorophytum is known as green purifier's. How to plan chlorophytum well,  some tips are for your reference such as applying some manganese sulfate solution.
1. Temperature control.
 Chlorophytum like warm and humid climates, and it grows very fast when the temperature is at 20-40℃. It will stop growing when the temperature climbs to 30 centigrade, the leaves are easy to yellow and the apex gets dried gradually.
2. Light regulation.
Planting chlorophytum outside should keep in shadow and prevent from strong light in summer, or chlorophytum will be suffered from sunburn
3. Manure of fermented regulation
Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons for chlorophytum growth. It is necessary to offer sufficient water and keep the soil moist, spraying clean water onto leaves to prevent apex from drying but don't leave too much water in the pots.
4. Cutting old leaves 
To keep the good shape, old leaves should be cut along with the plants growing.
5. Pest control
Poor ventilation arouses scale insects disease. So prevention first.
6. Nutrient solution formula
Formula A: Add nitrate of lime 125g and ferrous sulfate 12g into 1 kg water.
Formula B: Add the following trace elements into 1kg water: magnesium sulfate 37g, monoammonium phosphate 28g, nitrate of potash 41g, boric acid 0.6g, manganese sulfate 0.4g, copper sulfate 0.004g, zinc sulfate 0.004g   

Chrolophytum can decorate our house and also can purity the air. A green purifier belongs to you for free and what you need to do is following the above tips (Nutrient solution formula, manganese sulfate), so why not?


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