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How to manage the garden orchard in spring?

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Since the spring, the garden orchard’s soil have been moisture well by the fine weather. It’s not only good to the growth of fruit trees, but also helpful to the fruit-tree management. In order to control the winter diseases and pests, we can strengthen the zinc sulfate fertilizer managements and other measures in advance in this spring.

Firstly, reasonable pruning. In the fruit growth period, redundant bud and branches should be timely erase and cut off in order to reduce the consumption of nutrients and moisture transpiration.

Secondly, remove the insect source. Before the trees sprout, clean up and take out of the orchard, be deep buried or burned out, such as twigs, leaves, weeds, wire, rod and other debris to, so as to remove pathogenic and overwintering eggs.
Thirdly, re-cut after in flowering period. In flowering, too many flowers should be cut to reduce and avoid crowded flowers, diseases and pest fruit and deformity fruit.

Fourthly, adequate trace elements enhance the nutrition of the tree body. Fertilize compound fertilizer 150-150 kg special fruit compound fertilizer for each , want to appropriate topdressing at the same time a certain amount of HuoXingGai micronutrient fertilizer fertilizer, zinc sulfate fertilizer, boron fertilizer, etc.


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