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How to manage the flooded corn fields

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This summer, flood disaster happens in many provinces of China and the corn field in these places should be timely drained and fertilize zinc sulphate so as the maize growth and yield would not be affected. The specific treatment as following for your reference:

1. Draining: if water system keeps in good state, thorough the drainage; if water system does not good, use the pump to drain. Do anything to make the field without pongding.

2. Timely earth up and keep the seedlings upright: remove the sick plants and earth up the washed down seedlings.

3. The medium weeding: timely medium weeding to promote the soil moisture ventilation.

4. Castration and artificial supplementary pollination: In the ear when stamen grows out 10 centimeters, remove stamens interlaces; in flowering pollination period, artificial auxiliary pollination to increase the insemination opportunity.

5. The prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests: focus to control the stem rot disease, low shrinkage disease and insect borer crime.

6.Timely foliar fertilization: For summer-corn in the huge bellbottom period, 15~20kg urea per acre, foliar spraying the potassium dihydrogen phosphate 200g and plant growth regulator 6 g; In A spike period, spray 0.2% zinc sulphate 2 times. For spring-corn could be ex-root fertilized at this time to supply nutritions.


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