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How to improve egg quality with zinc sulfate trace elements?

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In egg poultry cultivation, all sorts of symptoms without knowing causes may appear that lead to the symptoms such as egg production decrease, slow growth. In this case, feed grade zinc sulfate monohydrate powder also should be added.

The nutrient ingredients: a. tocopherol, special effects add egg factor etc; b. trace element: manganese sulfate1~ 4g, zinc sulfate 1~ 4g, ferrous sulfate1~4g, copper sulfate300 ~ 500mg, sodium iodide 40~ 60 mg, selenium 10-30mg, calcium chloride70~ 90 mg, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 60~ 80 mg, salt 120 ~ 180 mg, niacin 2500~ 3500 mg, biotin 5~ 15 mg, choline 80 ~ 150 mg, linolenic acid 5 ~ 15mg, linoleic acid 2 ~ 8 mg, methionine 60 ~ 120 mg, selenium methionine 40~ 80 mg, lysine 10 ~ 50 mg, pantothenic acid 500 ~ 1000 mg, betaine 5 ~ 10 mg, phytase mgfyt 25000 ~ 35000FYT, compound enzymes 100 ~ 160 mg, antioxidants 20 ~ 30 mg; Water from 1000 to 3000 mg

Usage and dosage: mix with materials or water, stay for 20 ~ 30 minutes.
More micro minerals such as amino acid, zinc sulfate compound feeds can make the generation and enrichment of organic trace elements in poultry bodies and eggs, and indirectly improve the quality of people's diet and health.


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