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How to get high yield for wheat?

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It is time for wheat sowing, temperature is always changeable in the north of China in October, and wheat sowing faced lots of problems as to different fertilizing skills of zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate and so on.
1/ Sowing time is not fixed because of weather change.
2/ Lag in planting technology leads to increased fissures and dead plants.
3/ Planting areas for half-winter variety is large, and there is lots of dead plants 
4/ Weeds grows fast and hard to control
5/ Small deep loosening area, and NPKS technology is not very good.
Experts suggest that carry out soil testing and formula fertilizing methods according to the specific circumstance of land, adjusting measures to local conditions, mixing with micronutrient fertilizer. Volume of organic fertilizer should be increased and generally 3 cubes min for every 667㎡。Apply more if the soil’s organic matters are less. Generally, P fertilizer and K fertilizer are as base fertilizer to be ploughed, 55% N fertilizer to be base fertilizer, others are as top application. Multiple micro-nutrient fertilizers should be supplied appropriately every two years or apply alternately.

The proportion of NPK fertilizer is 15:6:5 if soil contains high P and K, it is 15:6:16 for high P and low K areas, 15:12:5 for low P and high K areas, 15:12:16 for low P and low K areas, 50kgs of fertilizers are needed with this formula. For micronutrient fertilizer, 40-50g of zinc sulfate and 30g manganese sulfate for seeding dressing every 667㎡; 0.5kgs of zinc sulfate and 0.5kgs of manganese sulfate are as base fertilizer, or use recipe fertilizer which contains zinc sulfate or manganese sulfate to broadcast.

Appropriate zinc sulfate and manganese sulfate can make wheat get high yield.


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