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How to foliar spray manganese sulphate monohydrate solution to plants

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Manganese  sulphate is micro fertilizer with the formula MnSO4·H2O. It is one of the important trace element fertilizers which can be used as base fertilizer, seed soaking, seed dressing, top dressing and foliar spray. Now Rech Chemical Co. Ltd would like to discuss the question of how to foliar spray manganese sulfate monohydrate solution to plants.

First, test your soil PH before you spray manganese sulfate monohydrate solution. Soil PH has strong affects on a nutrient element's chemical form its solubility. Manganese is a micro nutrient that is commonly deficient in soils with a pH level above 6.5. If the soil PH is over 6.5, the manganese in soil would form in insoluble materials which cannot absorb by plants. To fix this, you can use baking soda to raise pH and apple cider vinegar to lower the pH of your spray.

Second, add the appropriate amount of water and manganese sulfate to your tank sprayer. Make sure fertilizer grade manganese sulfate monohydrate is dissolved and the solution is very dilute. If the solution is in high concentration tend to ‘burn’ foliage. Lock the tank to close it securely, and then swirl it around to ensure the manganese mixes well with the water. Next, spray your plants with manganese sulfate solution thoroughly making sure to cover the tops and bottoms of leaves, the stems and top of soil. The solution should be dripping from your plant when you're done.

Third, repeat the foliar spray process two or three times for optimum results. Typically, you must wait three weeks before spraying again. If rainfall occurs shortly after a foliar spray treatment, the spray will be washed away and reapplication will be required.

Manganese helps break down carbohydrates and acts as an enzyme activator in the soil to support photosynthesis in plants. When your plants are lacking of manganese, it is no doubt that foliar spray manganese sulfate monohydrate solution can promote the crops growth to increase production.


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