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How to fertilize to reap a summer-corn harvest?

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Late June and early July are busy planting season for summer maize. To increase the core yield, farmers not only need to do a good job in drying seeds in the sun and soaking seeds before sowing, but also would apply fertilizer grade zinc sulfate and other fertilizers. Scientific management can greatly promote the growth of summer maize and increase fertilizing effect.

The summer-corn's fertilization usually gives priority to nitrogen fertilizer and complemented with micronutrient fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer application proceeds in different stages. For large fields, nitrogen fertilizer has seed manure and huge bellbottom topdressing fertilizer at the proportion of 3:7. In nitrogen topdressing, try to trench to fertilize deeply, or combine fertilization with irrigation, avoiding the surface broadcasting. On the other hand, corn is typical of zinc sensitive crops. In zinc lack field, seed manure treating should be increased zinc sulfate 1-1.5 kg for each acre. Regarding the fertilizer application method, micro-nutrient fertilizer, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be applied as base fertilizers.

Meteorological disasters, such as storm, heavy rainfall always occur in summer season. If the maize plants fall down in wet land, make up urea 10~15 kg to promote the corns’ rejuvenation.

Farmers should learn how to fertilize zinc sulfate and other fertilizers scientifically thus summer maize yield and quality will be better and good benefits would come.


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