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How to fertilize to increase the yield of beans vegetable efficiently?

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Beans vegetables are popular by people for variety, good taste and rich nutrition, so the market demands a lot. Mastering technology of fertilizations and zinc sulfate is the key to increase the yield of beans vegetable efficiently.

1. Beans vegetables need less nitrogen fertilizer while require large on phosphorus and potassium demand because bean itself has nitrogen fixation faction that can make use of nitrogen in the air and soil. According to the large demand on phosphorus and potassium and soil fertility status, fertilize 2000 ~ 2500 KG organic fertilizer and 25 to 35KG bean vegetable special fertilizer.

2. Before the seedling sprout after seeding, fertilize three elements compound fertilizer 4 ~ 5 KG. In early seedlings, seedling nitrogen-fixing ability shows weak, fertilize 8 ~ 10 KG special fertilizer. In flowering period that the beans need most fertilizer, fertilize special soybean fertilizer 20 KG to ensure the fruit rate and prevent premature.

3. Under the principle of basal fertilize priority and subsidiary supplementary; also use trace elements like zinc sulfate as foliar spraying.


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