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How to fertilize to ginger

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Effects of main Nutrient element 
B and Zn (zinc sulfate) plays a very important role in ginger’s growth and yield. It’s said that apply appropriate B and Zn (zinc sulfate) can rise plants and expand leaf areas, increase the branches. What’s more, the ginger ball will be big and round, and skin is bright-colored.

Characters of fertilizing 
It’s measured that 1000kgs of fresh ginger need absorb 6.3kgs of N fertilizer, 1.3kgs of P fertilizer and 11.2kgs of K fertilizer. The proportion of NPK is 5:1:8. It grows slowly in the seedling period, and need only a little NPK fertilizer; but when the rhizome is growing, braches increased and leaf area extend and the demands for fertilizer increased.
Fertilizing skills
Enough base fertilizer is necessary, high quality thoroughly decomposed chicken manure 3-4 cubes, high quality barnyard manure 4000-5000kgs, pure sulfenyl compound fertilizer 50kgs, zinc sulfate 1kg and sodium borate 1kg.
Rational top application
Apply a few strong stock fertilizer: when 1-2 branches come out, the second fertilizer together with the irrigation, and 15-20kgs of High nitrogen compound fertilizer 15-20kgs for every 667㎡.
Pay much attention to the jointing fertilizer: ginger is stepping into a fully growing stage when 3 branches come out, so it is the key period for fertilizing, 70-80kgs of high nitrogen fertilizer is needed for every 667㎡.
Supplement fertilizer is needed: in the tuber expanding period, 50kgs of high nitrogen fertilizer is needed, twice and every 15 days a time.


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