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How to fertilize the base fertilizer for garlic

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Garlic has fibrous root like chord, and bulbus grow and expand in the soil, so it has poor ability for absorbing water and fertilizer. So we should cultivate it in the loose soil, with good water draining and abundant organic fertilizer. Sandy loam soil is better, it is suitable for root growth, and garlic will bolt early and get big garlic bulb and thick spicy. Zinc sulfate plays a very important role in the growth.
The target output and fertilizer requirement for every 667㎡ determines the fertilizer volume of base fertilizer. Base fertilizer should be mainly about the organic fertilizer. Match with some chemical fertilizer such as calcium superphosphate, potassium nitrate and so on. The volume is 75kgs of N fertilizer, 50kgs of calcium superphosphate, 30kgs of potassium sulfate and 15kgs of potassium chloride, or fertilize 65kgs of NPK fertilizer with 15% three elements. 1.5kgs of zinc sulfate is needed.
Fertilize half of the organic fertilizer before ploughing, and broadcast equally one the soil surface, and plough it under the soil; the rest to be made furrow application when sowing, be sure that the fertilizer and soil is mixed. Make 2/3 of N fertilizer be base fertilizer and the rest use as the top application. P and K fertilizer to be used as base fertilizer. Do remember that to mix P fertilizer with the organic fertilizer to apply intensively or delaminatedly. 
Fertilize some micronutrient fertilizer properly like agriculture grade zinc sulfate can help plants absorbing much faster.



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