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How to fertilize sweet potato?

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The earthnut of sweet potato can be edible, it’s rich in nutrient and dietary fiber, is people’s favorite healthy food. And Menispermum dauricum is also the favourable feed. Therefore, Sweet potato planting will receive very good economic effectiveness. Adding appropriate zinc sulfate or manganese sulfate will supply trace elements. 
Topdressing is very important for sweet potato planting, for every 667㎡,apply 20-30 picul of people and livestock manure + 10-15kgs of ammonium bicarbonate  or 5kgs of urea ( 7-8kgs of 40% high effective compound fertilizer is the best) 7-10 days after intertilling; at the same time, 100-150kgs of plant ash + 25-30kgs of calcium superphosphate is needed. When rattan grows long,0.5kg of zinc sulfate with Zn 21.8% or 0.8kgs of compound zinc fertilizer + 50kgs of water is needed to spray, 0.5kgs of manganese sulfate is also ok. In the early October, 100g of monopotassium phosphate, 150g urea +50kgs of water are needed to be sprayed for 2-3 times.
Numerous branches are needed to be pinched. It can increase branches and leaves, so it’s important to control the branch growth.
Drain flooded fields and prevent against water logging. 
The best time for harvest is in the mid-November, too early or too late will decrease the output, quality and the storage capacity.
Apply appropriate zinc sulfate or manganese sulfate will supply trace elements for sweet potato timely, and receive good harvest.


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