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How to fertilize organic vegetable

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For the high quality organic vegetables, there two aspects need take your attention when using organic fertilizer,  fertilizer grade manganese sulphate monohydrate and other fertilizers.

For one thing, only enough high quality organic fertilizers can constantly meet the vegetables’ high nutrient requirements of the whole growth period, that are beneficial to improve the vegetables quality. The straw and poultry excrement are the best ideal raw materials for retting organic fertilizers. After crushing the straws, add accelerator, stacking, and seal them with mudding. Make it ferment under temperature at 25 ~ 45, and it will be OK generally after  25 days.

For another thing, fertilizing some micronutrient fertilizer on vegetables can commonly improve the quality and yield. For Acid micronutrient fertilizer such as ferrous sulphate, the dosage per acre should not be more thant 3.5 kg; for manganese sulphate, the dosage per acre should not 


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