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How to fertilize micronutrient on sesame

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During the growth of sesame seeds, boron, zinc, manganese, iron element are the essential trace elements, of which the sesame need most is iron, boron taken secondly, the third zinc, manganese sulfate keeps last.

In different growth periods, the plant absorb different dose. Absorption speed would slow in the seedling stage and accumulating amount is little less; In Flowering period to capped period absorption speed is the fast and accumulation the most; During capped to mature period, absorption rate slow down again, accumulation deducts. Plants absorb zinc fertilizer most in capped period and absorb manganese fertilizer most after flowering.

Manganese sulfate is commonly used manganese fertilizer. It’s better to apply manganese fertilizer early, or it’s difficult to treat manganese deficiency if used in the middle-later period. Generally each acre needs manganese sulfate 0.5 ~ 0.75 kilograms for base fertilizing and each kilo seeds needs 6 ~ 7 grams for seed dressing. Foliage spraying has good effect before 7 ~ 10 days before budding. In order to improve the effect, manganese sulfate trace element spraying is generally applied 2 ~ 3 times every 7 ~ 8 days in cloudy day or 9 AM in sunny and windy day.


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